• Balance your body and mind in the tranquility of our beautiful studio, nestled in the Warrandyte Valley.
  • Through relaxation, yoga postures and breathwork, students develop awareness of body, mind and spirit.
  • Yoga, relaxation and meditation go hand in hand at Bhava.
  • We offer Dance classes for children. Classes are a magical way for children to develop confidence, and awareness.
  • We have Adult Dance classes that are liberating, transforming, therapeutic and fun.
  • Bhava Centre is quiet, serene and warm. The perfect space to rediscover your spirit.
  • We aim to develop strength, suppleness and a balanced attitude to life.
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One of Melbourne’s most established Yoga and Dance Centres.

Since July 1986 Bhava has offered Yoga, Meditation & Creative dance classes. We have classes for adults and children. Bhava classes encourage flexibility, stability and relaxation of body and mind. 

For enquiries on Yoga, Meditation & Creative Dance classes or our Yoga Teacher Training Program email bhavacentre@gmail.com

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I have attended yoga and dance classes at Bhava for a number of years. This centre has inspired and enhanced my knowledge and practice of yoga, and I continue to enjoy and benefit from these classes. Workshops are also offered to enrich the yoga experience and add variety. Creative dance extends and refines body awareness, meshing musical stimulus and instruction to produce a dynamic result. A positive approach ensures that students are encouraged and rewarded for their efforts.    
                                                                                                 Margaret Armstrong.