Bhava means “attitude” or “feeling.”

Bhava Yoga transforms the body and mind to create a peaceful harmony, through changing our attitude.
With fluid transitions and breath-work, combined with creative visualization, Bhava Yoga is a unique style of Hatha Yoga.
The Centre’s nurturing atmosphere fosters serenity. Our classes promote a healthier and happier self; a confident self-image and vitality.

The benefits of Bhava Yoga are suppleness, healthy breathing and relaxation. We emphasize the development of positive attitudes.
Our classes are suitable for all ages and abilities, from gentle and relaxing to revitalizing.

Day classes
Mon. 10am – 11:15am - Gentle Yoga for Stress or Injury
Tue. 10am - 11:15a. - Yoga (General)
Wed. 10am – 11:15am – Yoga (General)
Thurs. 10am – 11:15am – Yoga (Gentler)
Fri. 10am – 11:15am – Yoga (General)

Weekend classes

Sat. 9:30am - 10:45am - Yoga (General)

Evening classes
Tue. 7pm – 8:15pm - (General)
Wed. 7pm – 8:15pm - Yoga (General)

Meditation classes

Thursday 7pm-8pm (monthly class)

February 20th, March 28th, May 9th, June 13th, August 1st, October 24th, November 21st

Meditation classes are held on Thursday nights at monthly intervals. For Class dates and times please check the Meditation page here.


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